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Learniac is a revolutionary way to learn with our interactive and engaging educational app.

It is our cross-platform Educational software! Enjoy features that slash costs, save time, and effort. Elevate your business growth effortlessly. Experience seamless education management like never before.


Challenge yourself, learn new things, and have fun with thousands of quizzes on various topics. Compete with friends and become the ultimate quiz champion!


Master any topic with interactive flashcards. Choose from thousands of Teacher and Student made decks or create your own. Track your progress and study smarter than Before!


Explore endless topics, master any subject, and track your progress with our comprehensive app. Learning has never been more fun, engaging, and accessible!

Learniac Provides fun quiz questions and answers.quizzes for kids , quizzes for students and more.


Learning Anywhere, Anytime.

Ignite Your Learning Journey!

Unlimited Learning

Access a vast library of educational content covering diverse topics. Enjoy unlimited learning opportunities with a wide range of courses, tutorials, and resources, empowering continuous growth and skill development

Performance Check

Gain deep insights into your performance with detailed analytics. Track your engagement, question difficulty, completion rates, and more, empowering you to optimize quizzes for maximum effectiveness and engagement

Manage Efficiently

Centralized Dashboard for Complete Control

A user-friendly dashboard to oversee all app activities. From content creation to user management, have full control over your platform, ensuring smooth operation and optimal performance

User Access and Role Management

Efficiently manage user accounts, roles, and permissions. Grant or restrict access to specific features and content areas, ensuring security and maintaining organizational structure.

Comprehensive Content Management

Control all aspects of content creation, editing, and publishing. Easily manage articles, images, videos, and other media, ensuring your platform stays up-to-date and engaging.

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