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We’re not just another Product & IT services Company. We’re your trusted allies in validation, design, and building robust native mobile and web applications.

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Constant Innovation With Technology Competence

Product and Strategy

Turning Ideas into digital realities can be overwhelming. We are here to assist you in taking the first steps and turning your vision into a minimum viable product that you can put on the market

UI & UX Design

While we understand looks are not everything, an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly design is crucial to retaining user engagement in your app. Design is at the core of our expertise.

Full Stack Web Development

We are well versed in handling both front and backend of a web project. We use technologies like React, Redux for front end while Node JS, Java for the backend to create powerful B2C and B2B apps.

Mobile App Development

We are native code animals to the core. But we also believe cross-platform solutions can get you there faster at a lower cost. We know how to build a great quality product with a fast timeto-market.

DevOps Consulting

We help you setting up the right cloud architecture and facilitate with CI/CD pipelines. We also help optimizing the cost of infrastructure usage while scaling up your product on cloud platforms

Fractional CTO for Startups

Hiring a Fractional CTO as a service is a cost effective and time saving option for the startups especially when you are a bootstrapping or an early-stage startup not having a CTO as the cofounder.

Our Portfolio

Creating Value Across Industries

Empowering Educators to Advance Student Success

Learniac app offers an engaging learning experience that keeps learners on top of upcoming tasks and deadlines. The platform allows users to solve questions and quizzes on their phones, see correct answers instantly, and receive scores immediately. Stay up to date with the latest campus events through our dynamic news feed.

Job portal for automobile and engineering sectors

Amanda stands as India's premier job portal dedicated to automobile and engineering careers. In today's fiercely competitive landscape, Amanda provides effortless access to a tailored selection of job opportunities exclusively within the Automobile industry.   The platform seamlessly connects job seekers and recruiters within the automotive and engineering sectors, facilitating optimal matches.

Fuel Delivery Solution - Driver App

The app offers several essential features, such as "My Schedule" for accessing scheduled drops, "On My Way" to notify customers of the driver's arrival, and "Make Drop" for streamlining the fuel drop process. With "On My Way," drivers can access detailed job site information on a map, facilitating efficient navigation. Upon arrival at the destination, drivers log fuel drops for various assets like Excavators, Dozers, and Fuel tanks by submitting drop meter values for accounting purposes.

AI based live alerts system for Surveillance teams

Ethersec’s Artificial Intelligent (Al) monitoring detects suspicious or inappropriate behavior for security, health & safety (compliance, productivity & behavior monitoring) or theft prevention. Surveillance teams are alerted using the EtherSec mobile app the moment security is breached or the wrong behavior is detected. 

Online Medical Appointment Booking Platform

MedConnect is a revolutionary online medical platform designed to streamline the process of booking doctor appointments for patients while empowering medical professionals with efficient appointment management tools. With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, MedConnect aims to connect patients with healthcare providers seamlessly

The Mammcare Pink City Run Website

We developed the Mammcarerun website to promote the vital message of 'Early Detection Saves Lives' and to support charity efforts. Additionally, the website allows people to pre-book their seats for the event.    In India, where breast cancer rates are rising and it is the leading cancer among females, our platform aims to raise awareness and provide support for those affected. Shockingly, one in fifteen women in India is at risk of experiencing breast cancer in her lifetime.

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Unlock the Future: Explore Game-Changing App Ideas!

As we step into the dynamic world of mobile and web apps, it’s like stepping into a bustling marketplace, full of exciting opportunities for innovation. If you’re pondering the creation of your own app but find yourself unsure about which path to take, don’t worry – you’re not alone. We’re here to guide you. So, without further ado, let’s explore a few top mobile app ideas together!

Our Process

And This is How We Do It

Research and Define

Understand audience, set objectives, collect data for focused marketing strategy, defining scope, and aligning goals with user needs.

Ideation and Design

Generate concepts, design visuals, craft messaging, and develop content to create an engaging and cohesive brand experience.

Wireframe and Prototyping

Plan layout, sketch wireframes, build prototypes, test usability, refine design iteratively, ensuring optimal functionality and user experience.

Development and Testing

Code features, test functionality, ensure compatibility, optimize performance, and debug for a seamless and reliable product.

Launch and Grow

Strategize launch, execute campaigns, analyze metrics, gather feedback, and scale efforts for sustainable brand expansion and audience engagement.

Let's build your next app or website together!

At our core, we see ourselves as craftsmen of digital innovation, embracing a holistic approach to software engineering. Our unwavering focus on code quality, UI & UX design, and product management ensures excellence at every step. Ready to turn your ideas into reality?